Douro Portugal: The North enchanted Paradise

All the Douro Valley is considered one of the most beautiful places all over the country. The reason is immediately evident in the eyes of those who see them. Discover more about the Douro Portugal.

The beauty and charm that the Douro exudes are undeniable. The entire natural landscape of the Douro Valley, classified as World Heritage, can be seen from near and in more varied ways.
With departure from Oporto, where the river stakeholding and where the cofinancing also of Port and Douro Wines, the tourist can follow their journey by car, train, cruising and even by helicopter. Believes that whatever the form of getting there, will glimpse landscapes worthy of appear in a Hollywood best movies.

Douro Portugal offers a wide range of Viewpoints, throughout the region, allowing you to watch the river, as well as the various wine productions of North of the country.

If the history of the area and wine attracts you, do not hesitate to know the different museums that are open doors to receive, such as the Douro Museum located in Peso da Regua or Coa Museum, located in the City of Vila Nova de Foz Coa.

If it's the fresh air and nature that steals all of your attention then it is obligatory passage, the International Douro Natural Park and the Archaeological Park of Foz Coa.

The region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro, also known as the Douro heart is certainly a place you will not want to miss. This is the oldest demarcated wine region from around the world and it is here that, you can contemplate the whole landscape, and find yourself involved in a pure environment and great tranquility.

Visit Douro Portugal and get the opportunity to experience unexplained sensations.
Douro Wine

Douro portugal wine

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Douro river

Douro valley portugal

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Douro Portugal

The Douro River in Portugal, after which this region was named, flows eastward from Porto as far as the Spanish frontier.

Oporto City

The historic center of Porto

Community, commercial, agricultural and demographic interests converged to house a population able to build the historic center of Porto, where the outcome has resulted in a highly aesthetic and unique work of art in its kind.